2020 Vision.

So since this blog’s about as active as I am, I’ve decided that I’m gonna use it as a place to try something new: a series of design-project post-mortems.

I’m currently in the process of rehashing every single project I’ve done in recent years, adding a coup’la new ones, and placing them all in a completely revamped website. This is gonna take anywhere from several weeks to a couple of months to finish, since some of the new projects are a little ambitious and I’m trying to work out a lot of workflow kinks of mine too, all whilst looking for that greatest of life’s treasures: employment.

But since I was going to reinspect a lot of these projects anyway, I figure it’d be a fun idea to write a piece on each project from a development standpoint, in a more informal manner than the portfolio itself does. What I liked, what I disliked, the things I sailed through, the things I struggled for weeks on, the things I pushed the boat out with, and the corners I might’ve cut: everything.

I’m thinking to do TOMOBEANS first, since it’s probably my most recent “long-term” project and I certainly am not bereft of a few points regarding that project, but I’ll focus more on any of this after I’ve made more headway with everything else currently.

We shall see, I’ve a drive I’ve not felt in many months, so I’m at the very least excited, if not sure on where I’m heading with everything generally.


2020 Vision.

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