Another one of those weeks.

So, this has been an extremely bizarre week, from new projects to voices in my head giving me design ideas whilst I sleep (no joke).

Lets go through a quick week breakdown (more for my assurance than anyone else)

So I’d like to announce the return of the Hurricane Bike project, which is beginning development again this week, so stay tuned.

I’d like to also announce another couple of projects, all products (I’ll be talking more about that soon).

This is all filler for what really happened this week, yesterday in-fact; in which whilst I slept, myself talked to myself in a dream and gave me a design idea which ended up in this portfolio (you can find it in my graphic design section)

“hey, that ‘k’ looks like a ‘skip song’ button!” myself says, “how about that..”


– Mike

Another one of those weeks.

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