Designer Thinker vs Designer Maker | Being tired of concepts.

The imagination a wonderful thing, it’s something we are all given, and they are all unique, fabricated entirely from our experiences.

Having ideas is great too, it’s both a unique and unoriginal phenomenon. The imagination can inspire and create possibilities previously not dreamed of.

Recently, that mantra has begun to be put into doubt.

Don’t get me wrong, concepts are fine; design thinking is about bringing pure, unfiltered imagination to the world, regardless of something so limiting as rational thought.

Impossible concepts are just as important as rational ideas, since it’s in overcoming and persevering through the hurdles created through over-ambitious design that we progress. We would never get anywhere by achieving the already possible.

I’m just frustrated that I don’t have the skills of resources to overcome these hurdles and actually make the bloody thing…

Maybe University life will lend some perspective.



Designer Thinker vs Designer Maker | Being tired of concepts.

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